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Courses offered in this program are designed such that students will have driving force towards the skill development part so far as application areas of the Mechanical engineering are concerned. The students will be able to apply the fundamentals of Mechanical engineering in the design and understanding of various manufacturing technology and processes in their modern form.

Almost all Engineering work involves Mechanical Engineering activities right from design / manufacturing to maintenance. So today’s scenario, to cope up with fast industrialization in all engineering areas and needs of the society, creates deep requirement of Mechanical Engineers with a wide scope. The program of diploma in Mechanical Engineering aims to produce the engineers to undertake supervisory role in various Mechanical Engineering fields such as Industries, Defences, Government departments, Maintenance, Design etc. and to produce young entrepreneurs. The program also offers courses to develop the students with necessary competencies to fulfil the needs arising out of emerging allied areas of Mechanical Engineering. The program also offers the opportunities through courses in diversified fields as per current needs in Mechanical Engineering. In the prevailing situation and as a basic need, the Programme also offer courses to develop the students in computer area by imparting knowledge of fundamentals of computers related software and Industrial Automation.

Graduate Attributes

  • Academic excellence: Ability to describe the core skills and concepts associated with the discipline
  • Active learning: Ability of active participation, engagement and role play in any project/task.
  • Skilled competence: Ability to integrate and apply the technical skills and life skills in development of a solution at workplace.
  • Significant & Last Learning: Always looking for opportunities to continue to learn, reflect and apply new knowledge and skills in a positive sustainable way.

Program Educational Outcomes

  • PEO1: Breadth and depth of domain knowledge: will demonstrate Knowledge and Understanding principles and practices of Mechanical Engineering and will be able to apply their engineering skills and knowledge of fundamental principles to design and development of mechanical systems to meet customer requirements.
  • PEO2: Curiosity and truth seeking: will develop the design capability so that they have the ability to participate in creative, synthetic and integrative activities related to Mechanical Engineering.
  • PEO3: Analytical & practical skills: will give a Respond to the technological changes in mechanical engineering and to foster related technical skill to meet the needs of the society & Industries.
  • PEO4: Digital capabilities: will capable to use digital information & technologies for problem-solving and communication to support mechanical engineering work and studies as well as practicing ethics in applying digital skills.
  • PEO5: Confidence & Tolerance: will be Participate with the confidence of self- sustainability in context of global, societal, family, environmental and economic based on values.

Program Outcomes

After completion of the programme the Graduate will be able to:

  • PO1: Domain knowledge: Demonstrate the knowledge of concepts, principles and applications of Mechanical engineering in various fields
  • PO2: Problem analysis:Acquire critical thinking skills to understand and solve contemporary problems with Mechanical Engineering domain knowledge and skills
  • PO3: Design/development of solutions: Understand the complex Mechanical engineering problems and design structured mechanisms or processes that meet the specified needs.
  • PO4: Conduct investigations of complex problems: Gain ability to design, conduct experiments, analyse and interpret data for investigating problems in Mechanical engineering and its allied sectors.
  • PO5: Modern tool usage: create, select, apply, adapt, and extend appropriate techniques, resources, and modern engineering tools to a range of engineering activities, from simple to complex, with an understanding of the associated limitations.
  • PO6: The Engineer and society:Understand own’s role in society with aspect of with the economic, social, health, safety, legal, and cultural and act in an honest and consistent manner based on a strong sense of self and personal values.
  • PO7: Environment and sustainability: Understand complex environmental issues and their interrelationships and requirement of interdisciplinary domains for sustainable development
  • PO8: Ethics: Apply ethical principles and commit to professional ethics and responsibilities and norms
  • PO9: Individual and team work:function effectively as individual and as a member in multidisciplinary settings
  • PO10: Communication:Communicate complex engineering concepts within the profession and with society at large. Such ability includes reading, writing, speaking and listening, and the ability to comprehend and write effective reports and design documentation, and to give and effectively respond to clear instructions.
  • PO11: Project management and finance: appropriately incorporate economics and business practices including project, risk, and change management into the practice of engineering and to understand their limitations.
  • PO12: Life-long learning: identify and to address their own educational needs in a changing world in ways sufficient to maintain their competence and to allow them to contribute to the advancement of knowledge.

Program Specific Outcomes

After completion of the programme the Graduate will:

  • PSO1:Identify and analyses technological problem in the field of Mechanical engineering by applying knowledge of basic science, mathematics and Mechanical engineering fundamentals.
  • .
  • PSO2:Apply the knowledge of Production, Manufacturing, Thermal, Fluid and Industrial Engineering for analysis, optimization and development of mechanical system.
  • PSO3:Apply modern tools in Design & Manufacturing to make quality products
  • PSO4:Able to implement Maintenance of equipment & Instruments related to Mechanical Engineering using significant technical skill
  • PSO5:Able to inspect the product for quality using various measuring tools and quality control methods.

Faculty profile

Indrajit J Jadeja

Head of Department
Phd. Pursuing, ME (CAD/CAM) B.E.(Production)
Exp:13 Years

Darshan H Bhalodia

MTech (Thermal) , B.E.(Mechanical)
Exp:12 Years

Vishal G Chhaya

ME (CAD/CAM) B.E.(Mechanical)
Exp:12 Years

Rohit R Raval

ME (CAD/CAM) B.E.(Mechanical
Exp:12 Years

Milan M Pankhaniya

ME (Thermal) , B.E.(Mechanical)
Exp:11 Years

Parth M Lakum

ME (CAD/CAM) B.E.(Mechanical)
Exp:9.5 Years

Mayur R Chotaliya

ME (CAD/CAM) B.E.(Mechanical)
Exp:08 Years

Heena M Gami

MTech (Thermal) B.E.(Ind. Engg.)
Exp:9.5 Years

Vinod K Maru

Lab Assistant


After successfully completion of Diploma Mechanical Engineering, Career Opportunity for the student in the area of such as.

  • Manufacturing industries
  • Design and development
  • Power plant
  • Refrigeration and air-conditioning industries
  • Automobile industries
  • Automation units
  • Maintenance and safety
  • Testing and inspection

Research and Publication

Sr. No. Faculty name Publication Title
1 Indrajitsinh J. Jadeja IJESRT Journals Developing GUI based Design Software in VB Environment to Integrate with CREO for Design and modeling using Case study of CouplingDeveloping GUI based Design Software in VB Environment to Integrate with CREO for Design and modeling using Case study of Coupling
2 Indrajitsinh J. Jadeja Stm journals Another Look towards Product Cost Estimation using Feature Techniques
3 Indrajitsinh J. Jadeja Stm journals Thermal Analysis of casting using Ansys-A Review
4 Milan M Pankhaniya IJARIIE Energy Analysis of 12.5 MW Co-Genration Plant
5 Milan M Pankhaniya NUicone-2011 Study of Performance & Exhaust Analysis of Petrol Engine Using Methanol-Gasoline blends
6 Darshan H. Bhalodia Stm journals Solar cooling techniques for rural area-A Review
7 Darshan H. Bhalodia IJERT Energy and Exergy Analysis of Coal Fired Cogeneration Power Plant
8 Vishal G. Chhaya IJAERD Design And CFD Analysis Of Submersible Pump Impeller Of Mixed Flow Type For Performance Improvement
9 Vishal G. Chhaya IJAERD Review On Design Improvement Of Mixed Flow Pump
10 Vishal G. Chhaya IJARIIE Design And Manufacturing Overview Of Pcb Drilling Machine
11 Rohit R. Raval IJSRD Finite Element Analysis of CNC Slanted Bed
12 Parth M. Lakum STM - JOURNAL Casting Simulation using Procast-A Review
13 Parth M. Lakum IJARIIE Thermal Analysis of casting using Ansys-A Review
14 Parth M. Lakum IJARIIE Thermal Analysis of casting using Ansys-A Review
15 Mayur R. Chotaliya IJARIIE Developing a GUI based software in VB environment to integrate with Creo for optimize forging tolerance utilizing case study of coupling


Sr. No. Event Name Event Date Photo Gallery
1 An industrial visit at sensitive foundary 2021-10-21 View
2 An industrial visit at hilton valves-shapar 2021-09-21 View
3 An expert lecture on-engineering for business 2021-03-10 View
4 An industrial visit at gsecl-sikka 2020-01-22 View
5 Tree plantation campaign 2019-12-14 View
6 An industrial visit sumangal forging-shapar 2019-07-22 View
7 Thalassemia test program 2019-03-28 View
8 Industrial workshop on petroleum conservation research association 2018-10-10 View
9 An industrial visit prime tech-cast pvt ltd-metoda 2018-07-27 View
10 sdfsdfsf 2018-02-28 View

Department Infrastructure


Sr. No. Student name Name of company
1 Nakum Punit Galaxy bearing
2 Harshraj tomar Atul auto
3 Pala Devang Rolex rings
4 Parekh Yash Rolex rings
5 Nathwani Karan Rolex rings
6 Jaydeep Nakum Atul auto
7 Nipesh Sarvaiya Atul auto
8 Radadiya Amil Atul auto
9 Pandya Mehul Atul auto
10 Parmar Virjee Atul auto
11 Nimavat Vivek Bajaj auto
12 Asodiya Vipul Bajaj auto
13 Sarvaiya Soham Rolex bearing
14 Vekariya Savan L&t construction
15 Ghaghda Jeet L&t construction
16 Kevin Pansuriya L&t construction


1 Malaviyakeval, Denishlakhani, VadhiyaMitesh, ParthrajZala, Jeet Trivedi Participated in “PRAVEG 2016-. ROBOTICS WORKSHOP” at Nirama University. 2016
2 MakwanaSagar 2nd rank in Handicraft competition 2016 held at Atmiya College 2016
3 SanghaniRonak 1st rank in Technical quiz in Tech utkarsh 2016 held at Atmiya College 2016
4 ParvadiaShivam MakadiaPinakin Participated in Junior National Throwball Championship 2105-16, kerala. 2016
5 MakwanaYash MandliBhavin Qualified in International Design Competition by CADD Center 2018
6 GoswamiYashvan VivekDhokai Secure 1st Rank in Technical Quiz on Engineer's Day 2018
7 Rajbattha Meru 2nd Rank in Institute Level Drawing Competition 2018
8 NarpaliAlfran 3rd Rank in Institute Level Drawing Competition 2018
9 UndaviyaKeyur Secure 1st Rank in Elocution Competition organized by IOCL 2018