Atmiya University


About Department

Vision & Mission


  • To ensure knowledge integration in an opportune manner by developing foundation of prolific and proficient career prospective.


  • To promote a learning environment for the assimilation of knowledge inquisitiveness, creative thinking, emotional & social intelligence.


  • To empower & enlighten youth as successful business leaders & socially responsible entrepreneurs.


  • To serve the society by producing human capital & sensitized graduates by enhancing the employability & agility of the graduates.


  • To inculcate holistic perspective among youth towards work ethics, professional competence, dynamic attitude, social responsibilities & solutions of civic problems.


  • To impart the knowledge in essential interdisciplinary fields which will enhance the interpersonal skills, team work, professional ethics and make them work effectively for sustainable growth & development.

Graduate Attributes

  • Academic Excellence through Transformative Approach: Ability to identify key questions, research and pursue rigorous evidence-based arguments.


  • Independent & Creative Thinker: Open, curious, willing to investigate, and consider new knowledge and ways of thinking.


  • Creators, Evaluators and Communicators of Knowledge: Analysis and evaluation of information to form a judgment about a subject or idea and ability to effectively communicate the same in a structured form. The ability includes reading, writing, speaking and listening. These abilities help learners to comprehend and write effective reports, design documents can provide & respond to clear instructions.


  • Global Leaders: Mutual understanding with others from diverse cultures, perspectives and backgrounds.


  • Social Citizenship: Develop social individuals who know the fundamental rights of citizenship and foster the equality, welfare in their daily practice for betterment of society as well as nation.


  • Environment and Sustainability: Understand the impact of the managerial profession in societal and environmental contexts, and demonstrate the knowledge of need for sustainable development.


  • Digitally Well Equipped: Access, evaluate, and use a variety of relevant information sources; and use appropriate software for analysis of data required for educational & research endeavor.

Program Educational Outcomes

  • PEO 1: Core Competency: Will develop the competency to disseminate knowledge and develop successful professional career with synergetic blend of the knowledge and skills of managerial professionals.


  • PEO 2: Depth and Breadth of Knowledge:Will be capable to critically identify, analyze, design and solve complex and emerging problems of the 21st century Business World & Society for sustainable growth and development.


  • PEO 3: Professional Capacity and Passion of Learning: Will be flexible and adaptable in different work environment to acquire, develop, employ and integrate new management tactics, practices, real time execution, leadership traits and team work spirit.


  • PEO 4: Research, Numeracy, Scholarship and Data Literacy: Will exhibit ethical behavior consistent with academic proficiency, innovativeness and use of appropriate guidelines and procedures for responsible conduct of research.


  • PEO 5: Global, Moral and Aesthetic Sustainability: Will reinforce learning for the assimilation of knowledge inquisitiveness in pursuance of excellence in all facets of life.

Program Outcomes

  • PO1: Domain knowledge: Nurture talent, stimulate critical thinking, impart skills to create & adapt competent & professional work dynamics for the industries & society.


  • PO2: Problem analysis: Identify, analyze & formulate complex corporate & social problems with the practicable solutions


  • PO3: Critical Thinking: The requirement of 21st century is to put logic lens in all the genres of life to make productive decisions with more the rationality better the sustainability.


  • PO4: Conduct Investigations of Complex Problems: Exhibit skills and knowledge to perform with solution oriented approach for sustainable growth and development of businesses and society.


  • PO5: Modern tool usage: Implementation of dynamic and advanced managerial models & practices with the help of case studies as a tool.


  • PO6: The Managers and Society: Apply rational knowledge to assess organizational, societal, health & safety, legal & cultural issues as responsible business leaders.


  • PO7: Environment and sustainability: Examine global environmental problems and critically evaluate evidence to formulate and organize sustainable strategies.


  • PO8: Ethics: Apply harmonies principles and entrust to professional ethics and responsibilities of the Business Administration & Managerial Practices.


  • PO9: Individual and team work: An ability to evaluate critically one’s own action and work and make decisions by considering professional and social responsibilities.


  • PO10: Communication: Ability to think, understand, write and present innovative business models and practices by means of Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibilities, Business Summits & Conclaves, Business Canvas, Business Presentations, Reports and many more.


  • PO11: Project management and finance: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the business and management principles and apply these to one’s own work, as a member and leader in a team to manage projects in multidisciplinary environments.


  • PO12: Life-long learning: Able to put together and evaluate the problems and data base from a variety of sources by appealing in lifelong learning.

Program Specific Outcomes

  • PSO 1: Be able to cultivate integrated perspective of several disciplines to reinforce their understanding, capabilities and caliber & to tackle business problems in different sectors. 


  • PSO 2: Be able to evaluate business decisions with regard to their impacts on environmental sustainability. Structure a set of cognitive, affective, behavioral skills and characteristics that facilitate effective and appropriate interaction in diversified contexts and indirectly contributing to the economic development of society, nation & globe. 


  • PSO 3: Able to design, analyze and simulate various business situations through planning, organizing, staffing, directing, controlling, coordinating, reporting & budgeting (POSDCORB) techniques & systems. Transform abilities to understand the importance of an organizational perspective of different functional areas like Finance, Marketing, HR, IB & Entrepreneurship through integrative courses. 


  • PSO 4: Able to get hands on experience of business & managerial practices through internship and encourage them to lead towards the research and industrial work which help them to build and demonstrate leadership, teamwork, and social skills.

Faculty profile

Dr. Vishal Khasgiwala

Dean & Professor – FoBC
Ph.D., M.B.A., M.C.A., B.Sc [Comp. Sc.(Hons.)], FDP- (IIM-I)
Exp:22 Years (Academic) + 4 Years (Industry)

Dr. Amit Rajdev

HoD & Associate Professor
Ph.D., MBA (Finance), UGC NET (Management)
Exp:17 Years

Dr. Chirag V. Erda

Associate Professor
Ph.D., UGC-NET (Management), M.B.A. (Marketing), M.Com., PGDIBO, B.B.A., FDP-IIMK
Exp:20 Years

Dr. Meghashree A. Dadhich

Associate Professor
Ph.D., M.B.A. (Finance), PGDCS (CS), DIB (IB) & B.Com.
Exp:18 Years

Dr. Darshana Vithlani

Associate Professor
Ph.D. , UGC-NET (Management), GSET (Commerce), M.B.A. (Human Resource Management), M.Com (Finance), Diploma in Financial Management (NMIMS), (Finance & Accounting.)
Exp:20 years ( 16 year Academics + 4 year Industry & consultation)

Mr. Bhavin A. Patel

Assistant Professor
Ph .D (Pursuing), CA, CS, CMS, LLB(G),, PGDFM, NET, MH - SET, GSET, PGDFM
Exp:20 Years

Mr. Viral Savaliya

Assistant Professor
M.Sc.(Mathematics), M.Phil(Mathematics), M.Phil(Statistics)
Exp:20 Years

Ms. Hiral Chauhan

Assistant Professor
MBA(Finance), (Finance), LL.B. & B.Com (Accounting & Finance), Diploma in Banking & Finance
Exp:14 years (Industry: 13 years + 1 Year Academic)

Mrs. Kanchan D. Vadher

Assistant Professor
M.B.A. (Marketing), GSET (Management), Management Programme (IGNOU) & B.COM
Exp:10 Years

Ms. Isha Trivedi

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. (Pursuing), PGDM (Finance), M.Phil. (Finance) & B.B.A.
Exp:10 Years

Dr. Kairvi J. Rathod

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., M.B.A. (Finance) & B.B.A.
Exp:9 Years : 6 Years (Academics) + 3 Years (Industry)

Ms. Sapna J. Devani

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. (Pursuing), UGC-NET (Management), GSET (Management), M.Phil. (Management), M.B.A. (Finance) & B.B.A.
Exp:9 Years

Ms. Sweta A. Savaliya

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. (Pursuing), M.B.A. (Finance) & B.B.A.
Exp:9 Years

Ms. Krishna D. Lodhiya

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. (Pursuing), M.B.A. (Finance) & B.B.A.
Exp:9 Years

Ms. Purvaba E. Makwana

Assistant Professor
Ph.D.(pursuing),MBA(HR),B.E.(Computer Engineer)
Exp:9 Years(8 Years (Academics) + 1 Year (Industry)

Ms. Tejal J. Navrangani

Assistant Professor
Ph.D (pursuing) , MBA (finance) , BBA
Exp:9 years

Dr. Minal V. Bhojani

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., M.Phil. (Commerce), M.Com. (Finance) & B.Com.
Exp:8 Years

Mr. Jaygiri A. Goswami

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. (Pursuing), UGC-NET (Management & Commerce), SLET (Management & Commerce), M.Phil. (Management) M.B.A., M.Com. & B.B.A.
Exp:7 Years

Ms. Devanshi B. Dave

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. (Pursuing), CS (Executive), M.Phil. (Management), M.B.A. (Finance), & B.Com.
Exp:7 Years

Ms. Nirali R. Shah

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. (Pursuing), UGC-NET (Commerce - December 2019, December 2021), M.Com. (Accountancy) & B.Com. (Accounting and Finance)
Exp:4 Years

Ms. Pankti Pandya

Teaching Assistant
Ph.D. (Pursuing), M.Phil. (Commerce), M.Com. (Accounting & Taxation) & B.Com.
Exp:3 Years

Ms. Chandani Soneji

Assistant Professor
M.B.A. (HR) & B.B.A.
Exp:2 Years

Ms. Neha P. Rawal

Assistant Professor
UGC-NET (Commerce), M.Com., M.B.A. (Finance) & B.Com.
Exp:1.9 Years

Ms. Anjali Gohel

Assistant Professor
Ph.D (Pursuing),UGC-NET(Commerce), GSET (Commerce),,
Exp:1.5 Year

Ms. Hetal Tanna

Teaching Assistant
Ph.D (Pursuing), MBA (Finance), BBA
Exp:1 year


Scope of Department
Higher Study

BBS, BSM, MBA/BBA in specialization Field – Marketing, IT, Hospitality & Tourism, Retail, Logistics, Business Analytics, IB; LLB, LLM, MA in Psychology, NET, SET, Research Scholar Fellow, Ph.D.


-- Accounting - CA, CS, ICWAI, ACCA, CIMA, CMA, CMA, CPA & Accounting Software
-- IT: Web Development, UI/UX Design & Animation
-- HR: SAP & ERP
-- Other: Virtual Reality & Artificial Intelligence

Courses (STC)

-- Product Management Certification Programme
-- Business Analytics Certification Program
-- Certificate Course in Finance Accounting and Taxation
-- Advanced Certificate Programme in Data Science
-- Advanced Certificate Programme in Machine Learning and NLP
-- Advanced Certificate Programme in Block Chain Technology

Course (PCC)

-- Coursera

Career Perspective

Auditor, Consultant, Business Analyst, Finance Officer, Sales Analyst, Tax Accountant, Stock Broker, Economist, Business Development Trainee, investment portfolio manager, investment consultant, finance & account Manger, Financial Risk Managers, Investment & Insurance Advisor, Investment Banker, Treasury Manager, credit appraisal officer.

Sales, Advertisement, Communication & PR, Social Media & Digital Media, Service Manager, Event Manager, BDA, Retail Manager.
Start-up Business according to Market Demand
HR Generalist, HR Executive Staffing Director, Technical Recruiter, Compensation Manager, Employee Relations Manager, Placement Manager, Welfare Officer, Safety & Security Officer, Administration Job.
International Manager, Export – Import Manager, Trainer for Expatriate


Research and Publication

Sr. No.

Name of Faculty






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Sr. No. Event Name Event Date Photo Gallery
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2 Management_Buzz_Assertive Volume 7_Apr_Sep_2023 2023-09-30 View
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Department Infrastructure




T&P Cell is effectively operational to place our students in the highly prestigious and versatile industries. We maintain healthy relationships with Confederation of Indian Industries, Rajkot Management Association (RMA), Ahmadabad Management Association (AMA) to provide real time exposure to our students. T&P delivering assistance to students, through mock interviews, group discussion & resume building sessions for students to make them industry ready as well as to improve their cognitive & rational understanding, intrapersonal/interpersonal relationship and practical competence to live a sustainable life anywhere on the globe. All type of placement assistance is available at the department such as:

  • Arranging Expert talks, Seminars, Workshops by industry-subject experts.
  • Organizing industry visits on regular basis to provide hands-on experiences through interaction with employees, to make them aware about practical working environment & methods as well as employment practices.
  • Arranging Industry-Academia Talk & Panel Discussions as a part of college curriculum aiming to provide students an insight & practical perspective regarding real life industry working tactics of companies.
  • Delivering assistance to students, through mock interviews, GD & Resume building sessions for students to make them industry ready.

Furthermore, students are able to improve on the cognitive complexity, intrapersonal/interpersonal relationship and practical competence to live a sustainable life anywhere on the globe.

Placement record

NO Student’s Name Company’s Name Package Designation
1 Shyam Joshi N.J. India Invest Pvt. Ltd. 5.55 Lakh Unit Manager
2 Kiran Jethani  City Union Bank 4.6 Lakh Relationship Manager
3 Grishma Andani City Union Bank 4.6 Lakh Relationship Manager
4 Bansi Tilva Kotak Life Insurance 3.5 Lakh Managerment Trainer
5 Shubham Bhandari  HDFC Bank 5.0 Lakh Personal Banker(Gold Loan)
6 Disha P. Solanki Junomoneta Finsol Pvt. Ltd.
3.6 Lakh
Research Analyst
7 Miral Chandegra Raniba Industry Pvt. Ltd. 5.0 Lakh Export Executive
8 Monpara Dixit Junomoneta Finsol Pvt. Ltd. 3.6 Lakh Research Analyst
9 Jadeja Radhikaba Junomoneta Finsol Pvt. Ltd. 3.6 Lakh Research Analyst
10 Sweta Pala Emipro 3.6 Lakh Management Trainee
11 Surbhi Vaghela Shyam Art Group of Companies 1.8 Lakh Management Trainee
12 Pooja Rupapara Trinity Eng. Tech 2.4 Lakh Management Trainee
13 Nasit Dhairyata Trinity Eng. Tech 2.4 Lakh Management Trainee
14 Rutul Jani Bajaj Finance Security Limited 3.0 Lakh Assistant Manager 
15 Yashesh Gandhi Bajaj Finance Security Limited 3.0 Lakh Assistant Manager 
16 Disha Koradia AU Small Finance Bank 3.3 Lakh Management Trainee
17 Urvi Shekhat Bajaj Finance Security Limited
3.0 Lakh
Assistant Manager
18 Happy Sobhasana Bajaj Finance Security Limited 3.0 Lakh Assistant Manager
19 Sakshi Thakkar Niva Bupa Health Insurance 4.25 Lakh Sales Trainee 
20 Bansi B. Pandya Junomoneta Finsol Pvt. Ltd. 3.6 Lakh Research Analyst
21 Kadecha Bansi  Niva Bupa Health Insurance 4.25 Lakh Sales Trainee
22 Forum B. Chauhan AU Small Finance Bank 3.3 Lakh Management Trainee
23 Harsh Patadiya Junomoneta Finsol Pvt. Ltd. 3.6 Lakh Research Associate - Technical
24 Kalola Nidhi Niva Bupa Health Insurance 4.25 Lakh Sales Trainee
25 Hari Krushana Adroja India Mart 4.0 Lakh Executive – client sevicing
26 Bhakti Patel Gopal Snacks Pvt. Ltd. 4.5 Lakh BDM International Trade
27 Sonali Dhaneshra Gopal Snacks Pvt. Ltd. 4.5 Lakh BDM International Trade
28 Darshita Patel Gopal Snacks Pvt. Ltd. 4.5 Lakh BDM International Trade
29 Kunjal Toliya Gopal Snacks Pvt. Ltd. 4.5 Lakh BDM International Trade
30 Payal Sudra Gopal Snacks Pvt. Ltd. 4.5 Lakh BDM International Trade
31 Digvijay Rathod Gopal Snacks Pvt. Ltd. 4.5 Lakh BDM International Trade
32 Patel Pavitra Gopal Snacks Pvt. Ltd. 3.0 Lakh Management Trainee (Sales)
33 Vaishali Gangani Gopal Snacks Pvt. Ltd. 3.0 Lakh Management Trainee (Sales)
34 Bansi Gondaliya Gopal Snacks Pvt. Ltd. 3.0 Lakh Management Trainee (HR)
35 Hiren Buddhdev Kotak Bank 2.75 Lakh Sales Executive
36 Soniya Gangvani Kotak Bank 2.75 Lakh Sales Executive
37 Himanshu Soni HDFC Bank 3.9 Lakh Auditor
38 Rakesh Jadav TCS, Gandhinagar 2.6 Lakh Process Associate
39 Hemil Siyani TCS, Gandhinagar 2.6 Lakh Process Associate
40 Meet Mehta TCS, Gandhinagar 2.6 Lakh Process Associate
41 Sagar Avlani TCS, Gandhinagar 2.6 Lakh Process Associate
42 Khyati Ardesana TCS, Gandhinagar 2.6 Lakh Process Associate
43 Komal Chovatiya TCS, Gandhinagar 2.6 Lakh Process Associate
44 Prathvi Kaneriya TCS, Gandhinagar 2.6 Lakh Process Associate
45 Vaibhav Gupta Samsara Shipping 3.5 Lakh Sales Executive
46 Savan Chauhan India Shelter Finance 3.5 lacs Sales Executive
47 Shiv Dholakiya Ashutosh Rubber Pvt. Ltd. 2.2 Lakh Marketing Executive
48 Karishma Kanani Sun Forge Pvt. Ltd. 1.8 Lakh Marketing Executive
49 Divya Gidhwani Shree Giriraj Multispecialty Hospital 2.2 Lakh Finance Executive
50 Sonali Ajani Samsara Shipping 4.0 Lakh Management Trainee



Sr. No Name of Student Competition Rank Event organizer
1 Santoki Sauravkumar Vinodbhai ANANTARANG 2020 2nd Online - Atmiya University
2 Vini Sidharath Mishra Atmiya Adwitya 7th Atmiya University
3 Thakkar sakshi vasantbhai Atmiya Adwitya 8th Atmiya University
4 Kuldip Akabari Business Quiz 2nd Atmiya University
5 Kemy vegad Business Quiz 2nd Atmiya University
6 Riddhi Chovatiya Business Quiz 3nd Atmiya University
7 Ajani Vrunda Thali Decorations 2nd Atmiya University
8 Ajani Vrunda Business Quiz 3rd Atmiya University
9 Hemanshi Jadwan Atmiya Aradhana 4th Atmiya University
10 Isha Vadgama RANGREZA 2021 4th Atmiya University
11 Arjun Dhamecha Treasure Hunt 3rd Atmiya University
12 Mital Modhavadiya Atmiya Aradhana 4th Atmiya University
13 Mital Modhavadiya RANGREZA 2021 3rd Atmiya University
14 Isha Vadgama Atmiya Aradhana 3rd Atmiya University
15 Ronit Babariya RANGREZA 2021 3rd Atmiya University
16 Shrey Zalavadiya RANGREZA 2021 3rd Atmiya University
18 Ranipa Tarang BGMI 2021 1st Atmiya University
19 Mohin Rathod Treasure hunt 3rd Atmiya University
20 Mahir Pambhar BGMI 2021 4th Atmiya University
21 Arjun Dhamecha BGMI 2021 4th Atmiya University
22 Ronit Babariya BGMI 2021 4th Atmiya University
23 Dhey A Rola BGMI 2021 4th Atmiya University
24 Bhavy Kasundra BGMI 2021 4th Atmiya University
25 Shrey Zalavadia BGMI 2021 4th Atmiya University
26 Foram Savjani Anantrang - Fight With Words 2nd Atmiya University
27 Harsh udhani Budget 2nd Atmiya University
28 Riddhi Mehta Rajkot Police Awareness week competition - Traffic Management in Rajkot. 1st Genius School
30 Kaushik Vadoliya speech competition 2nd vidya mandir school
31 Hitali Deepakbhai Fatania ATMIYA ABHIGYAN 2021’ in Alekh Essay Competition 1st Atmiya University
32 Hitali Deepakbhai Fatania 2.‘75 Azadi ka Amrit Mahostsav’ in Essay Writing Competition 3rd Atmiya University
33 Hitali Deepakbhai Fatania 3.‘Swatantriyam 2021’ in Movie Review 1st Atmiya University
34 Bhakti Joshi Cineflix 3rd Atmiya University
35 Avani Hitendrabhai Dhanak Rajkot City Police Debate 1st Genius School
36 Mahima Vora Movie Review, Swatantriyam-2021 3rd Atmiya University
37 Creama Ajmera Traditional Avatar 3rd Online
38 Shubham Bhandari EPFO-DEBATE 1st FOBC- Atmiya University
39 Shubham Bhandari Airport Authority India-Debate 2nd Airport Authority India
40 Shubham Bhandari Saurashtra Hindi Prachar - Debate 1st Saurashtra University
41 Shubham Bhandari GTU FEST-Gram Uday 3rd GTU
42 Shubham Bhandari KSN - konnect-debate 2nd KANSAGRA COLLEGE
43 Shubham Bhandari Harivandana-Story telling 3rd HARIVANDNA COLLEGE
44 Shubham Bhandari Pragya -SIP competition 1st PIMR - indore
45 Shubham Bhandari Swatantriyam - quiz 3rd FOBC- Atmiya University
46 Shubham Bhandari MH Gardi- business problem 2nd MH Gardi college
47 Shubham Bhandari Vibgyor-Bolly buzz 1st FOBC- Atmiya University
48 Kuldeep Patel Debate 3rd Chrizellenz- season-4
49 Kuldeep Patel Best Vendor 1st Colosseum- 2019
50 Shubham Bhandari Picture Story 1st Colosseum- 2019
51 Charmi Kamdar Case Study 2nd Case Study
52 Charmi Kamdar Black Box (Paheli) 2nd Samiksha-2019
53 Richa Doshi Effective Presentation Skill 1st Cosmo clan-2019
54 Shubham Bhandari Elocution Competition 3rd Avsar-2019
55 Charmi Agarwal Debate 1st Avsar-2019
56 Shubham Bhandari Debate 3rd Avsar-2019
57 Chavda Dhanraj Quiz Competition 2nd Avsar-2019
58 Charmi Agarwal Rangoli 1st Avsar-2019
59 Charmi Agarwal Rangoli 1st Avsar-2019
60 Shubham Bhandari Drama 2nd Avsar-2019
61 Shina Mehta Shina Mehta 1st Avsar-2019
62 Krupal Shah Singing 2nd Avsar-2019
63 Preet Mandaliya Dance Dynasty 2nd Anantrang-2020
64 Kandoriya Vijay Comicstaan 1st Anantrang-2020
65 Dhvani Chitroda Cooking without Flames 1st Cooking without Flames
66 Kuldeep Patel Cooking without Flames 2nd Cooking without Flames
67 Yukta Desai Cooking without Flames 2nd Cooking without Flames
68 Avani Patadiya Case Study 1st Case Study
69   Poster Making 2nd Poster Making
70 Kuldeep Patel Fun & Food Fiesta 1st Fun & Food Fiesta