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Educational Objectives of MCA Program are:

The Master of Computer Applications (MCA) program is a postgraduate degree program that focuses on Computer Applications and Programming. The primary objective of the MCA program is to provide students with from beginner to advanced knowledge and skills in computer science, so they can excel in a career in the IT industry.

The MCA program's objectives can be summarized in the following bullet points:

To develop a strong foundation in the theoretical and practical aspects of computer science, including programming languages.

To provide students with in-depth knowledge and expertise in advanced computer technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics, cloud computing, and mobile computing.

To prepare students to become skilled IT professionals who can design, develop, and manage complex software applications and systems.

To enhance students' problem-solving and analytical skills to tackle real-world IT challenges.

Encourage students to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in the IT industry, and pursue lifelong learning to remain competitive and relevant.

To encourage students to stay updated with emerging trends and technologies in the IT industry and pursue lifelong learning.

Graduate Attributes


Here are some graduate attributes for the Master of Computer Applications (MCA) program, presented in bullet points:


Technical competence: Graduates of the MCA program should possess advanced technical skills and knowledge in computer science and technology, including programming, logic building using various languages, algorithms, javascript languages, and emerging areas such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cloud computing.


Analytical and problem-solving skills: MCA graduates should be able to analyze complex problems and develop effective solutions using critical thinking, logical reasoning, and data-driven decision-making.


Communication skills:  Graduates of the MCA program should be able to communicate effectively and professionally with stakeholders, clients, and colleagues, through oral presentations, technical reports, and documentation.


Leadership and teamwork:  MCA graduates should be able to work effectively in a team, lead projects, and collaborate with others to achieve common goals.


Ethical and social responsibility:  MCA graduates should be aware of ethical and social issues related to the use of technology and be able to apply ethical principles in their professional practice.


Lifelong learning: MCA graduates should have a thirst for knowledge and be committed to continuous learning and self-improvement to keep up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in the IT industry.


Entrepreneurship and innovation: MCA graduates should be able to identify opportunities and create innovative solutions that can add value to organizations and society as a whole.

Program Educational Outcomes

Our programme will produce Graduates who will attain following PEOs after few years of graduation


Knowledge and Skills : Graduates of the MCA program will have a comprehensive understanding of computer science and its applications and will possess the technical skills required to design, develop, and maintain software systems.


Problem Solving and Critical Thinking: Graduates will be able to analyze complex problems, apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and develop effective solutions using appropriate tools and techniques.


Communication Skills: Graduates will be able to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, with a range of audiences, including technical and non-technical stakeholders.



Professionalism and Ethics:Graduates will understand and apply ethical principles and professional standards in their work, demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning, and remain current with emerging technologies.


Leadership and Teamwork:Graduates will be able to work effectively in teams, contribute to team goals, and demonstrate leadership skills in their professional practice.


Entrepreneurship and Innovation:Graduates will be able to identify opportunities, create innovative solutions, and apply entrepreneurship skills in the development and deployment of software systems.


Societal and Environmental Impact: Graduates will understand the impact of computing on society and the environment, and be able to develop software systems that are socially responsible, environmentally sustainable, and equitable.

Program Outcomes

PSO1: Develop an ability to apply knowledge of computer science in practice for solving real time issues.

PSO2: Develop an ability to identify, analytically study, frame and develop computer applications

PSO3: Develop an ability to use technologies and models for computing practice.

PSO4: Develop an ability to select modern computing tools and techniques and use them with agility

PSO5: Develop an ability to communicate ideas effectively for the purpose of effective implementation

PSO6: Develop an ability to design a system to meet desired needs within realistic constraints.

PSO7: Develop an ability to demonstrate team work with the ability of management, analytical reasoning for solving grave problems

PSO8: Develop an ability to enhance desire for lifelong learning.

PSO9:Develop an ability to function professionally with ethical responsibility as an individual as well as in teams with positive attitude

PSO10: Develop an ability to understand cross cultural, communal, professional, lawful and ethical issues prevailing in working environment. Program Specific Outcomes

Program Specific Outcomes

After completion of the programme the Graduate will:


Proficiency in programming languages, databases, and software development tools: Graduates will have in-depth knowledge of programming languages such as Java, Python, and C, databases like MongoDB and Oracle, and software development tools like IntelliJ and Visual Studio.


Ability to design, develop and implement software systems and applications to solve complex problems: Graduates will have the ability to design, develop and implement software systems and applications to solve complex problems using their understanding of software engineering methodologies, algorithms, and programming languages.


Knowledge of social, legal, ethical, and professional issues related to computer applications: Graduates will have knowledge of social, legal, ethical, and professional issues related to computer applications such as privacy, security, and intellectual property.


Effective leadership skills to manage and lead software development teams:Graduates will have effective leadership skills to manage and lead software development teams using their knowledge of software development methodologies and project management.


Ability to engage in lifelong learning, adapt to new technologies, and keep up-to-date with emerging trends in the field of computer applications: Graduates will have the ability to engage in lifelong learning, adapt to new technologies, and keep up-to-date with emerging trends in the field of computer applications to ensure their skills and knowledge remain relevant and up-to-date.

Faculty profile

Mr. Niraj Bhagchandani

Associate Professor
Exp:10 Years

Mr. Shrey Shah

Associate Professor
Exp:13+ Years

Mr. Anand Tank

Assistant Professor
Exp:5 + Years


MCA post graduates are hired both by Government agencies and private IT companies. After some experience, a Software Engineer can become a Lead, an Analyst, project Manager and so on. Initially MCA students are given a few weeks of training, before they get started on LIVE projects. These training is generally in the last semester of GTU curriculum. They experience actual company environment and got trained with well-known IT Organizations.

Following are some of the areas where one starts his/her career after successful completion of MCA.

Government Organization Jobs

  • University Professor
  • Banking
  • Railway
  • BHEL
  • IOCL
  • NTPC
  • SAIL
  • GAIL
  • MTNL
  • ISRO
  • DRDO

Private Job Posts


  • Data scientists


  • Data analyst
  • System Analyst
  • Software Application Architect
  • Software Consultant


  • Web Designer
  • Graphics Designer


  • Project Leader
  • Mobile Application Developer
  • Game Developer
  • Software or Web Developer/Programmer
  • ERP / MIS System Developer


  • Software Trouble-shooter
  • Software Tester


  • Database Admin (DBA)
  • Software Tester


  • Hardware Engineer
  • Network Engineer

Business Development

  • IT Manager
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Technical Writer
  • Business Development Officer


  • Starting a new Venture
  • Freelancer
  • Technical Writer
  • Business Development Officer

Research and Publication

Sr No Title Journal Impact Factor Month/Year Journal Level Faculty Name
1 Some New Results on Energy of Graphs MATCH Communications in Mathematical and in Computer Chemistry 3.858(2015) Mar-17 International Kalpesh M. Popat
2 A Study of Different Techniques to Reduce Congestion in Enterprise Network RESEARCH HUB – International Multidisciplinary Research Journal (RHIMRJ)   May-16 International Dr. Hetal Thaker
3 Classification and Recognition of Gujarati Numera using Nearest Neighbor Approach IJSRSET   May-16 International Dr. Hetal Thaker
4 NoSQL Database: Cassandra is a Better Option to Handle Big Data International Journal of Science and Research   Jan-16 International Parag C. Shukla
5 NoSQL Databases: Big data characteristics and comparison of traditional and big data analytics. Quest International Multidisciplinary Research Journal   Dec-15 International Parag C. Shukla
6 An Emerging Trend of Big Data for High Volume and Varieties of Data to Search of Agricultural Data ORIENTAL JOURNAL OF COMPUTER SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY   Aug-15 International Parag C. Shukla
7 Usage of GIS, Gps And Remote Sensing Data to Identify Effective And Optimum Route of Development Projects Like Road, Train and Canal for Better E-Governance Implementation Indian Journal of Applied Research   Mar-13 National  
8 An Architecture for Efficient Data Retrival Through Semantic Web Indian Journal of Applied Research   Apr-13 National Parag C. Shukla
9 Computer Based Human Gesture Recognition with study of algorithm IOSR journal of computer engineering 1.686 May-June - 2014 Internation Ankit Faldu
10 Technical Review of peephole Technique in compiler to optimize intermediate code American Journal of Engg. Research   41365 Internation Ankit Faldu
11 An Architecture for efficient data retrieval through semantic web INDIAN JOURNAL OF APPLIED RESEARCH 0.8215 41365 National Ankit Faldu
12 Authentication Framework in Forensic Science with Cloud Computing International Journal on Advances in Engineering Technology and Science   42767 Internation Ankit Faldu


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Department Infrastructure


MCA Placement Student data _ images(2018-19)

Sr. No Enrollment Name Designation Company Name
1 165023693048 Mandaliya Pooja Bharatbhai Developer Infinium LLP
2 165023693025 Ajay Ashokbhai Gajera .NET Knovos India Pvt. Ltd.
3 165023693102 Ravi Rambhai Varu Developer Knovos
4 165023693093 Kinjal Harshadbhai Sojitra iOS Developer Keshav infotech
5 165023693072 Jay Prakashbhai Ranpara iOS Developer Keshav infotech
6 165023693013 Damor Sanjaykumar Pratapbhai Android Developer TILVA ART SOFT
7 165023693071 Ashish Maganbhai Rangani ERP Devloper Emipro Technologies
8 165023693036 Tejas Kishorbhai Joshi Python Emipro Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
9 165023693047 Jay Kishorbhai Makwana Developer Emipro Technologies PVT LTD
10 165023693091 Sanjay Rameshbhai Seju Developer Wingstech solutions
11 165023693032 Hardik Jagdish Bhai Thaker SEO/Digital Marketing Emipro Technologies
12 165023693027 Gohel Mayur Manharlal DBA/SERVER MANAGEMENT MARWADI FINANCE
13 165023693052 Mehul Akabari Developer AITS
14 165023693021 Dholariya Pooja Rashikbhai Laravel Developer LOGISTIC INFOTECH
15 165023693022 Nirmal Dhruvi Kiritbhai Developer Emipro
16 165023693099 Vadhel Rakeshbhai Shamjibhai SEO/Digital Marketing Arhan Technosoft
17 165023693023 Nirmal Dipali Rajeshbhai Developer Qtonz Infosoft
18 165023693049 Manisha Rajeshbhai Gadhiya Developer Gravity Software Pvt Ltd
19 165023693033 Jadeja Krupaba Ashoksinh Java Developer N-EXPERT
20 165023693081 Rutvi Sureshbhai Popat Php Developer Keshav infotech
21 165023693008 Chauhan Mansi Tusharbhai Developer qtonz infosoft
22 165023693017 Anjal Mansukhbhai Desai IT Company Happiness pro pvt ltd
23 165023693062 Pipaliya Dhavalkumar Developer The app guruz
24 165023693068 Rajpara Bhavin Jayeshbhai iOS Developer Logistic Infotech Pvt Ltd
25 165023693059 Krunal Prafulbhai Parmar Php Developer Kevalam Software
26 165023693009 Chauhan Vishvjeetsinh Surendrasinh SEO/Digital Marketing icraft sol
27 165023693086 Santoki Yashkumar Bharatbhai Java Developer I-CRAFT SOL
28 165023693060 sheetal kaushikkumar parmar Developer Ashapura Softech pvt ltd
29 165023693055 Ayushi SharadKumar Parmar Developer Ashapurasoftech Privated Limited
30 165023693035 Nayan Bipinchandra Jethva Php Developer Sxope consolidate
31 165023693029 Goraniya Shantiben Lakhanshi Android Developer UNIVERSAL INFOTECH
32 165023693015 Umang Jitendrabhai Danidhariya Android Developer Hoch technology
33 135020693045 Maulik Subhashbhai Shilu Developer Itanic



MCA Placement Student(2019-20)

Sr. No Enrollment Name Company Name Designation
1 181221052 Purva Solanki WebcodeGenie Intern
2 181221049 Meera Shah WebcodeGenie Intern
3 181221027 Khilosiya Jay Dilipbhai Xpertnest Intern
4 181221039 Parmar Riddhi Bhurabhai Xpertnest Intern
5 181221035 Utsav Pabari Silver Touch Intern
6 181221029 Meraman Kuchhadiya Wingstech Solution Intern
7 181221003 Bhatti Ronak The Free Bird Intern
8 181221042 Rajyaguru Jahnvi The Free Bird Intern.
9 181221025 Keshariya Poonam The Free Bird Intern
10 181221041 Pathak Milan Prabodhbhai Magneto Intern
11 181221036 Darshan Parekh Simbeez Intern
12 181221051 Prerak Shah Sarjen System Intern
13 181221059 Payal Vasoya Plutus Intern
14 181221060 Vekariya Shailesh Vithalbhai Hyperlink Intern
15 181221062 Zalavadiya Akshat Narendrabhai Hyperlink Intern
16 181221038 Parmar Kausha Kishorbhai Networld Intern
17 181221040 Parmar Shruti Nileshbhai Knovos Intern

MCA Placement Student(2020-21)

Sr. No Enrollment Name Company Name Designation
1 191823001 Aghara Urvisha Rameshbhai Rajarshi Infoways Intern
2 191823002 Aghera Kevin Bipinbhai Technegic Intern
3 191823003 Bagdai Vigna Kamleshbhai VJ Infosoft Pvt. Ltd. Intern
4 191823004 Bamaniya Avadh Babu Sphere Rays Technolabs Pvt.Ltd Intern
5 191823005 Bamaniya Virat Kanji Vraja Technologies Intern
6 191823006 Bhayani Manali Pareshbhai Knovos Intern
7 191823007 Bhesdadiya Raj Pankajbhai Compughost Intern
8 191823008 Changela Savan Prasudbhai Vraja Technologies Intern.
9 191823009 Chauhan Snehlata Jaykumar Knovos Intern
10 191823010 Chhatbar Nikita Rajnishbhai Emipro Intern
11 191823011 Garach Devang Bharatbhai Rao Info. Tech. Intern
12 191823012 Garala Nikhilkumar Kiritbhai Hoch Technology Intern
13 191823013 Gokani Bhumi Shaileshbhai Knovos Intern
14 191823014 Hadiya Arti Vinodbhai Technegic Intern
15 191823015 Jivani Hinarvi Deepakbhai RexterTech Intern
16 191823016 Jogi Prem Ghanshyamdas Hoch Technology Intern
17 191823017 Kaneria Janavi Rameshbhai Creative Infoway Intern
18 191823018 Kasundra Janviben Pravinbhai Creative Infoway Intern
19 191823019 Khatri Sunil Mohanbhai Emipro Intern
20 191823020 Lathiya Anjali Mathurbhai Webplanex Infotech PVT. LTD. Intern
21 191823021 Machchhar Shreya Sanjaykumar BMAC Infotech Intern
22 191823022 Makavana Anjali Hiteshbhai Igen technolabs Intern
23 191823023 Makwana Nidhi Jasminbhai Divine Total Solutions Intern
24 191823025 Mandli Bhumik Khodidasbhai VJ Infosoft Pvt. Ltd. Intern
25 191823026 Manjariya Jayna Shivbhadrabhai Toxcore Intern
26 191823027 Maraviya Bansaribahen Bharatbhai Webplanex Infotech PVT. LTD. Intern
27 191823028 Mavani Raj Hasmukhbhai Technegic Intern
28 191823029 Mehta Himani Amitbhai We The Developers Intern
29 191823030 Mehta Jhanvi Munjalbhai Webplanex Infotech PVT. LTD. Intern
30 191823031 Mondal Rimpa Gopalbhai Inventive9 Intern
31 191823033 Padia Kinny Rajendra BMAC Infotech Intern
32 191823034 Parmar Mita Narshinhbhai Technegic Intern
33 191823035 Patel Raj Narendrabhai Vraja Technologies Intern
35 191823037 Radiya Drashti Rajeshbhai Compughost Intern
36 191823038 Rajpura Jaymin Hiteshbhai Compughost Intern
37 191823039 Ramani Darshankumar Sureshbhai Toxcore Intern
38 191823040 Ruparelia Pranami Rajeshbhai Casetle Craft Intern
39 191823042 Sanghani Vikas Ketanbhai Brikstar Technologies Intern
40 191823043 Savaliya Hom Ashokbhai Toxcore Intern
41 191823044 Sidi Simran Md.Rafik RexterTech Intern
42 191823045 Sodha Shubham Pravinbhai Pishago Intern
43 191823046 Solanki Milan Dayaram Sphere Rays Technolabs Pvt.Ltd Intern
44 191823047 Sutaria Princy Rajeshbhai Webplanex Infotech PVT. LTD. Intern
45 191823048 Vadodaria Kinjal Devenbhai The One Intern
46 191823049 Vaghela Vaghela Mukeshbhai Eminent Coders Intern
47 191823050 Varsada Kajal Dineshbhai Clevero Intern
48 191823051 Vasani Trupal Rameshbhai Softwisdom Intern
49 191823053 Viroja Radhika Umeshbhai Igen technolabs Intern
50 191823054 Vora Mo Yusuf Mo Faruk Memento Technologies Intern
51 191823056 Zala Artiba Jayrajsinh RexterTech Intern

MCA Placement Student(2020-21)

Sr. No Enrollment Name Company Name Designation
1 200823002 Jackey Bharatbhai Bharthi WebDesk Trainee-PHP Developer
2 200823003 Arjun Atulbhai Bhatt CasePoint Trainee
3 200823004 Tushar Nileshbhai Bhatti SharePoint Jr. Software Developer
4 200823007 Jayti Bipinbhai Chavda Triveni Global Software Services LLP Intern
5 200823008 KRUTARTH RUTURAJ DHAMDHERE Emipro Trainee Software Developer
6 200823010 Sagrika Pravinbhai Dobariya Infosense Trainee
7 200823014 Devang Prafulbhai Gohel Knovos India Pvt. Ltd. Intern
8 200823015 Dhalak Shirishbhai Gohel Neofruition Technosol Pvt Ltd Project Trainee
9 200823020 Shivangiba Jaydipsinh Jadeja Emipro Trainee Software Developer
10 200823022 Parth ArvindBhai Jetpariya CasePoint Trainee
11 200823023 Neha Ratnakar Joshi Emipro Trainee Software Developer
12 200823024 Raj Hirenbhai Kadecha Kaushalam Digital Private Limited Intern
13 200823025 Yash Harsukhbhai Kansagara Zignuts Technolabs Pvt. Ltd Trainee-Web Developer
14 200823027 Khunt Dhara Arvindbhai Infosense Trainee
15 200823029 Pruthvi Valjibhai Makwana WebDesk Trainee-UI
16 200823030 Priyanka Jayeshbhai Mangi Aplus Trainee
17 200823032 Hitanshi Mukulbhai Mehta WebOccult Trainee Web Designer
18 200823034 Rohit Bhupendrabhai Muliyana CasePoint Trainee
19 200823037 PARTH PRAVINCHANDRA PANDYA Freebird App Studio LLP Project Trainee
20 200823038 Divya Hiteshbhai Patadiya SharePoint Jr. Software Developer
21 200823039 Neha Vrajlalbhai Pisavadiya Inventyv Software Services Pvt. Ltd. Trainee
22 200823042 Bhavik Hasmukhbhai Rathod August Code Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Intern
23 200823044 Jatin Nandabhai Rathod Emipro Trainee Software Developer
24 200823045 Ankit Jaysukhbhai Rudani Radixweb Intern
25 200823053 Vidhi Lalitbhai Shingala Toxcore Intern
26 200823056 Rahul Dineshbhai Thanki Virtue Infotech Game Developer
27 200823058 Keyur Ashokbhai Vadgama Zignuts Technolabs Pvt. Ltd Trainee-Web Developer
28 200823059 NIKUNJ JITENDRABHAI VAGADIYA Freebird App Studio LLP Project Trainee


SEM 3     SEM 5
  Percentage TOTAL PASS FAIL       Percentage TOTAL PASS FAIL
  Percentage TOTAL PASS FAIL       Percentage TOTAL PASS FAIL
AITS 27.27 99 27 72     AITS 49.66 147 73 74
GTU 17.54 2104 369 1735     GTU 38.90 2175 846 1329
 Rajkot Zone 20.88 819 171 648      Rajkot Zone 47.06 714 336 378
Ahmedabad Zone 16.30 411 67 364     Ahmedabad Zone 28.07 538 151 387
Surat Zone 17.98 645 80 365     Surat Zone 48.50 468 227 241
Vidyanagar Zone 14.38 160 23 137     Vidyanagar Zone 32.52 163 53 110
Gandhinagar Zone 10.41 269 28 241     Gandhinagar Zone 27.05 292 79 213